Beaut Bijou Skincare

Vegan Friendly | Cruelty-Free | Natural | No Parabens Or SLS |  Bijou Batches

Beaut Bijou is active botanical skincare designed for the individual wanting to move towards letting go of the "selfie-filter" and looking to nurture their true self, in a holistic focused way.


The ranges offer compatibility and flexibility to


The Beaut Bijou Skincare collection offers 4 compatible and flexible ranges to choose from that look to assist you with SIMPLIFYING your daily regime products, NOURISH your current skincare need and ENHANCE  your skins natural appearance and skincare journey.


Suggested suitability for the 4 ranges are noted below, however, the products are gentle enough for ALL SKIN TYPES:

  • Balance for skin that is more prone to oiliness, regular breakouts, and has oily-combination areas such as the t-zone.

  • Nourish for the dry, mature, or aging skin that requires oil nourishment

  • Refresh for the dull, damaged, and dehydrated skin in need of more water or resurfacing OR

  • Soothe for sensitive skin that needs gentler repair.

If you find you need help and after browsing the products you feel more confused about your skincare feel free to message or book an online consultation for in depth personalised recommendations.