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BB Product Review - Make It All Better

Product: Nudi Point Make It All Better - Miracle Healing Balm

Review/Trial Time frame: 3 Days

Tested By: Nikki - Founder & Skincare Consultant

Review Outcome:

A natural, topical solution I will add to my dermatitis management and have in the bathroom cabinet. I have not been able to find a natural product for my flare-ups that has provided the positive outcome this product did in such a short time. All cliches aside it really worked a miracle!

The Product Trial:

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from Seborrheic Dermatitis. As a kid it was only on my scalp as I got older, I have had it spread to my face, hands and body and it can be flared up to a painful level by many factors that have taken time to become aware of.

I have tried MANY solutions to treat, heal, manage, control and remedy flare-ups, to the point where I have accepted it will always be with me, always be something I am challenged with and I needed to find an alternative topical solution to the corticosteroid lotion prescribed by my doctor which often ‘smarts’ but clears a bad flare-up in 5 days.

I have been using Nudi Point "Make It All Better - Miracle Healing Balm on cuts, scratches, insect bites and a small flat iron burn lately and was worth a try for my dermatitis. On cue, I had a flare-up a week ago and hoped for a miracle as it was unsightly looking and painful. On my flare-up scale from 1 (mild) to 10 (need to see a doctor), this was about a 6.



On the right is the flare-up I woke with that offered no warning. It was red, painful with a discomforting sting like sensation and felt tight on the skin, so every time I moved my head and stretched the skin it was painful.

That evening after cleansing the area I applied the balm and ensured my hair was pulled away from the area while I slept to let it breathe and also so I would not wake up to the balm all through my hair. I could have applied the balm in the morning right away, but the day was hot and a balm on a hot day did not appeal.


Visibly there is a significant reduction of the flare-up. I woke with no stinging, the flare-up discomfort and redness were reducing as well as the size of the affected area. This photo was around 9 hours after application.

The positive results after just first application encouraged me to try again. Sticking to the method of applying the balm at night so healing and miracles could happen in my sleep I cleansed the area and applied the balm for the second evening.


As you see in the picture the flare-up hasn't completely disappeared. However with the significant reduction in redness and spread I was no longer self-conscious of the appearance and there was no pain or discomfort at all remaining. I applied the balm again for the third evening.

From the morning I woke with this dermatitis flare-up, to no discomfort or visible sign of it happening took only took 3 applications and this was not a mild flare-up for me. I expected this balm to take much longer to achieve this result given the timeframe my usual solution would take and possibly a perception I have that natural products can need a longer time frame, but expectations were surpassed. Self-conscious reasons aside the Make It All Better - Miracle Healing Balm is pleasant in smell and texture, easy to apply, I do not need repeat prescriptions and is a multiple-use balm in a conveniently sized tin package. Take a look at the balm HERE

Disclaimer: The opinion of this product is my own, based on my own personal trial of it, as is the condition I used it on and the results the balm provided. This does not replace medical advice or prescribed medicines. Every individual's condition is their own, as will the results of this product. Please patch-test first in case there are ingredients you may react to.