• Beaut Bijou Skin Consultant

Thinking About Going Natural?


As the saying goes

"beauty is more

than skin deep"

We know our skin acts as a protective barrier for our body, there is just one small problem.....

it's more like a sponge rather than a barrier.

Our skin is the body’s largest organ, it protects you from and interacts with the environment and its most important functions are detoxification, healing, and regeneration. When we use chemical products they interfere with these very important processes.

To some degree, we understand that toxins are bad for us, so we avoid ingesting or breathing them in, however in a day, a person can apply ten or more products to his or her body/skin and that can average exposure of around 130 chemicals daily and they add up higher again over time, now consider what effect that is having on your overall health and wellbeing.

Is it time to wake up and be more conscious about what we put on our skin?

YES! but have you made the move?

This is nothing new and has been a trending movement for sometime, and more and more people choose to be aware of what is in the products they are buying and putting on their skin.

If you're like me when I started,

you're thinking about ALL of the products in your house

and maybe feel overwhelmed by the possible change.

I promise that is normal!

My advice, don't try and take it all on at once, just start somewhere. For me, my health and wellbeing was driving this change and skincare and cosmetics were in abundance and in need of culling. If you want to start there too:

Here are some steps to move to a more natural skincare routine and be conscious with your skincare

  • Simplify - Keep it simple: cleanser, toning mist, serum, moisturiser, and broad-spectrum sunscreen.

  • “Natural” - Truly Natural? - Just because it says it is doesn't mean it is. Keep your eye on the product labels these should also be relatively simple.

  • Naturally Derived and Truly Natural - Ingredients that are naturally derived can still be chemically treated. Make sure your products have natural ingredients, not naturally derived ingredients.

  • Artificial Fragrances - Artificial fragrances often contain phthalates that can trigger allergic reactions, they should not be in your natural products.

  • Recyclable Packaging - Glass containers are recyclable and safe as they present no danger of leaching toxins into your product as for plastics, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), recycling code #1 is considered safe and the choice you need to look for.

But Is It Truly Better?

In my opinion and many studies have shown, Yes! not only for your skin, health and wellbeing, but it's also better for the environment. Next time you are buying your skincare products think of your skin as a large sponge and start considering what you are putting on it, and by osmosis, into your body.

What you will quickly find on your next beauty or cosmetic shopping spree is that, true natural skincare products contain no artificial ingredients, are made of natural oils, plants, fruit extracts, and fruit acids, and if chosen correctly will effectively provide the right nourishment for your skin.

Looking for somewhere to start?

Beaut Bijou Skincare is natural, vegan, cruelty-free, sustainably packaged and contains no parabens, SLS or synthetic or artificial. Our online store Holistic Kind Boutique stocks Beaut Bijou Skincare and a range of natural product brands for body care and more.