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2021 Top Must Haves For Summer

Nikki's Summer Must Haves!

Summer has always been my favourite season, there is something about the extra Vitamin D hours that encourages motivation to pursue optimal wellbeing. This summer I have been trying out a few new products and these are my must have favourites and why:

Nudi Point Konjac Sponge

I don’t know about you but during summer I wear less makeup and I find my cream cleanser can feel a bit much in the morning on my oily skin in this warmer weather.

At night I use my cream cleanser and double cleanse ensuring all make-up and the days environmental pore cloggers are removed. In the morning I ONLY use my Nudi Point Konjac Sponge to cleanse my skin.

Why I’m Loving It?

I feel my skin is clean and refreshed with the sponge only. It makes me ensure my nightly cleanse is through and removes all pollutants and anything potentially pore clogging, it also saves my product for when needed.

Beaut Bijou Refresh Sleep Mask

My combination skin tends to be more oily and dehydrated (lacking water) on the cheeks during summer and as mentioned, the feel of heavy products on my skin can be too much for my skin to feel comfortable.

Two nights a week (Tuesday & Saturday) after I use my cleanser and toning mist, instead of applying my serum for the night, I'm apply ONLY my Refresh Sleep Mask. While I’m sleeping my skin hydrates and is nourished without the feeling of too much product on my skin.

Why I’m Loving It?

It’s an intensely hydrating and cooling gel mask that melts into your skin and the gel-based formula contains hyaluronic acid and a plant-based peptide for in-depth moisturisation as well as improving the skin's elasticity.

"Happy Ending (with a twist)"

Body Bar

Besides the natural, botanical and kiwi made benefits of Nudi Point body bars, “Happy Ending” leaves your skin soft and nourished from ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter, but engulfs you in it’s light fresh citrus aroma of Lemon grass and Lime the energises you in the morning but calms in the evening.

Why I’m Loving It?

I love light, fresh fragrances, especially in my body care products. My love for this Nudi Point Body Bar can not be summed up in words and can only be experienced.

My Sunshine Natural Sunscreen

SPF 30

We do not have a Beaut Bijou Sunscreen and and as you should be wearing sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the harsh effects of sun exposure the search for a product I could trust took time, research and personal testing!

My Sunshine Natural Sunscreen is a mineral Zinc based sunscreen; enriched with natures natural sunscreens Red Raspberry Seed Oil & Sea Buckthorn Oil to further protect your skin from the sun!

Why I’m Loving It?

My skin has reacted to a lot of sun care products or were uncomfortable on my skin, so finding a product that was natural, suitable for my sensitive skin and provided trustworthy protection and sun care was my main focus. My Sunshine covered all of those points and topped my must have list for summer when I found out it was:


"Coco-Nutty Lemon Grassy"

Whipped Body Butter

I’m that person at a BBQ you sit beside because the bugs all attack me and leave you alone!

During summer I used to sleep covered in high Deet insect repellent to survive the night from insect bites/welts that would be super itchy and if itched can scar or become infected.

For the last 3 months I have been using this whipped body butter. The ingredients not only moisturise and nourish, the Lemongrass essential oil can serve as a natural toner of pores, assist with skin tone and my most favourite benefit it’s a natural bug and mosquito repellant!

Why I’m Loving It?

Since using this every day and night, I have not woken with a single bite yet or suffered as the mosquito's buffet at BBQ’s and outdoor gatherings. I have shared my body butter with family and friends who all love it and brought their own. This body butter goes with me everywhere I am officially addicted to it.

This is my first summer my skin is not covered in unsightly welts and bite sores that I feel the need to cover.